Bring Summerfields West Living to Life

Bring Summerfields West Living to Life

Press Releases

June 23, 2022

WILLIAMSTOWN, NJ - With so many 55+ communities beckoning for prospective homebuyers’ attention through a multitude of media platforms, Summerfields West in Williamstown offers a clutter-free, thought-provoking and deeply informative means for active adults to begin the quest of achieving the ultimate retirement lifestyle culminating in an incomparable overall value.

By simply logging on to the website and clicking the “Testimonials” link atop the home page, homebuyers will receive a clear and concise description directly from delighted homeowners themselves of what life is all about at this popular neighborhood known for its pristine yet accessible Pine Barrens location, spacious, customizable single family homes, engaging clubhouse facility and unmatched affordability.

On the audio/visual based Testimonial link, homebuyers are availed through the very words of current Summerfields West homeowners, of the many reasons they chose the community, not the least of which is the rare intangible asset of community fellowship and traditional neighborhood benevolence often lacking in active adult communities that may be more exorbitantly priced and less desirably located than Summerfields West. Indeed, from their first visit to the sales office to the touring of the model homes to closing date, most Summerfields West residents have enjoyed the immediate “I feel at home here” experience.

Topics covered include home energy efficiency; the ability to have their homes custom made to their lifestyle needs; the feeling of safety and security in a truly caring community; the advantages of no property taxes; the reasons they selected their home designs and why they all decided on the peaceful, care-free and affordable lifestyle of Summerfields West.

Also under the Blog link, on the website, are a series of “Ask the Expert” videos with additional information about customizing opportunities, energy efficiency, financing, the Land Lease, traditional vs manufactured homes, and more. Check back frequently for additional new “Ask the Expert” videos about the new clubhouse and pool, as well. Under the Testimonials link, there are a variety of “Interviews” featuring Summerfields West homeowners discussing many topics in a newspaper style print format which, like the aforementioned “Testimonials,” offer several reasons behind why Summerfields West is the community of choice for everything from home design to location, to neighborhood quality to customer service.

At Summerfields West, homebuyers quickly realize the wise decision they’ve made by locating here—and not in a far outlying location—in retirement. Many are from the South Jersey area, with families and grandchildren still residing close by. Accessibility to them, as well as to healthcare and recreational facilities, Philadelphia culture, abundant shopping and dining, and Jersey Shore beaches further add to the appeal of Summerfields West.

While the family owned and operated developer of Summerfields West urges active adults to visit the website and take in all of what current residents have to say about their community, the only way to fully experience Summerfields West is to call for a personal appointment to visit the sales office, tour the model homes and allow the journey for the consummate active adult lifestyle experience to unfold.

Summerfields West is a Temple Companies Lifestyle Community.