An Environment That Calls You Higher

At Summerfields West those who are 55+ enjoy both community and beauty in their home designs and among their neighbors and friends. Think about this, when your lifestyle is low maintenance and low cost you have a certain freedom that allows you to focus on other things that move beyond paying big mortgages and working at a fast, nonstop pace. You actually have time to “live and ponder things, enjoy and explore things.”

Summerfields West 55+ lifestyle community: where you can actually think about that next mountain.

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As Wayne Newton puts it, there are times when we really need to look forward to climbing that next mountain. The often quoted, “Because it’s there,” does carry certain courage to it. Mountains seem to suggest there is something more, something just beyond.

You may not consider yourself to be a mountaineer, and yet you have been just that in many ways. The fact that you are 55+, a retired senior or someone who is still working at an older age, does not mean you stop advancing. That makes for a healthy mind and positive outlook. Obviously in this context we are not speaking of literally climbing physical mountains, we are speaking of those dreams and ambitions that make your energy flow.

Living in Summerfields West 55+ community actually allows you to put time and thought into tackling some of the opportunities you thought were insurmountable. With lower overhead, virtually no maintenance, and no pressure to make big mortgage payments, your mind is clearer and more receptive to do some of the mountain climbing you’ve done before. Consider all the mountains you have already climbed in terms of family, relations, work, and perhaps even health.

We never know what waits over that next mountain until we make the first step of ascent. Keep in mind that The Temple Companies created this community to enhance your life, hence: “Lifestyle,” the way in which one wants to live. There is so much more you can achieve and contribute not only to yourself, but to others. Your life experiences and wisdom have tremendous value in helping others climb their own mountains. We all face mountains, but if you live with an expectation and an upward mindset you will have a new vibrancy to share each day. Frankly, an environment and community like Summerfields West is a wonderful way to step up to that kind of life.

If you are looking forward to true a lifestyle – you simply have to look into our 55+ land-lease manufactured homes. A whole new view of life awaits you right here, right now. Then you will be in that amazing position to say to approach that mountain, “because it’s there!” Don’t let another day go by. Contact us today!

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