Bag Wars: A Dispatch from the Front Lines

About a mile from my house is a small deli. Not long ago I placed 15 items on the counter. The attendant totals me up and he asks, “Do you want a bag?”

I slowly look down at the items and using my pointing finger I touch each one and count aloud. One, two. three, four and up to 15. I scratch my head in wonderment and say, “Well, let’s see…do I want a bag? I guess I can walk each of these items out to my car, a few at a time. Or…I could have a bag. I’m not sure what would work better.”new jersey retirement commuity

“Guess you want a bag then,” the attendant says, still asking it as a question.

“Seems logical to me,” I reply.

“Paper or plastic? I view the plastic bags behind him. They are all wrinkled up in a pile and clearly already used by other people. “Paper,” I reply. Can you believe this took place? During the first month that I went there, the charade of bags went on. It took a long time to get the deli to give me a bag without asking. Either the owner saves a few cents by omitting a bag or he doesn’t care less about customer service. In either case, it’s indicative of what consumers have to put up with these days.

Summerfields West 55+ where exemplary service is in the bag.

Here you have a well-managed community so you don’t need to wonder if you’ll get service. It’s all properly planned and set in place. If you are seeking the right 55plus environment, keep in mind, it’s not just the home designs or the low maintenance, it’s the overall experience. Metaphorically, you’ll never be asked if you want a bag. You really should  take a first-hand look at what we offer. Call today.

2000 South Black Horse Pike, Williamstown, New Jersey 08094   856-629-2011


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