Better call the grandkids

There I sat bewildered, looking at my new cell phone, trying to share a photo. I was about to quit when the doorbell rang. There stood my 10-year-old grandson. “What are you doing, Pa?” he asked. I informed him of my phone dilemma. “Oh, that’s easy Pa,” he says. His small fingers danced across some keys and, bam, the photo moved into cyberspace.

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When I asked where he learned this, he just shrugged his shoulders.

Then he informed me that I could make slideshows of my photos right on the phone, with music no less! In moments I had musical photo slideshows. When I asked where he had learned to do that. I received the typical answer, he shrugged his shoulders. Then the true purpose of his visit call came out. “Grandma said she was baking cookies, so I came to help.” As you might have guessed, that help meant eating the inventory.

Of course this wasn’t the first time I enlisted the aid of my grandchildren to act as my tech services department.

Kids grasp technology so readily. Supposedly, kids are quite flexible, and that’s their advantage: flexibility.  They try various things while adults are typically set in their ways and lean on what they already know. Kids, researchers are finding out, are freed from that, and become adept at new things. So, while researchers invest time into why this is so, whenever I run into a tech issues, I just call the grandkids.

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