Breathe in, breathe out for reducing stress.

Basic breathing exercises help when under stress or extreme conditions. Breathing will also help significantly in common workday situations. Studies show that stress interferes with our ability to work at a high-performance pace, think clearly and function at optimum levels. Stress also affects success factors in life and business. However, it’s not the ordinary shallow breathing we typically do, there’s a process you can apply.

You’ve been in situations where you feel anxiety, and you were unable to self-talk your way out of that to calm down. In such heightened situations brain functions are impaired. By applying breathing techniques, you can change how you feel.

So, how does it work?

Every time you inhale, your heart rate speeds up. Exhaling does the opposite. You start by continuing to inhale while counting to four. Then you exhale for count of four. It will only require a few minutes of this to start calming you down.

The nervous system responds quickly and efficiently. Your ability to think clearly is reestablished. Words and self-talk cannot achieve that.

Studies among veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan that dealt with trauma, applied breathing techniques and reduced anxiety levels in just over a week. What’s more, they continued to enjoy the benefits for a full year later.

Short breathing exercises with relaxation are amazingly effective. These techniques can help you maintain an increased sense of well-being and lower stress levels in a host of circumstances that take place. Breathing techniques and methods are worth looking into and applying. Over time it can re-train your nervous system.

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