Don’t Ever Have a Plan “B.”

I have no doubt that you’ll find that title off-setting and in some ways going against the grain. However, after years in business I found that having a Plan B is a detriment to the actual Plan A. There’s an historic account of Hernán Cortés arrival to the New World. So committed was he that he had his men burn their ships leaving no way to retreat from the mission. Whenever you have a goal or a vision for something, there must be a solid commitment to go the course. There are many inspiring stories of individuals who faced disaster and yet found a way to make it through. For instance, rather than giving up, Fred Smith took FedEx’s last $5,000 and won $27,000 playing blackjack in the company’s early years to keep things going.

It’s all about commitment

The chances of succeeding in our goals happen when failure is not an option. At some point you must take the training wheels off the bike and push past the fear and obstacles that show up in your path. Plan B is a safety net you don’t need. Someone once put it this way: “When you commit to victory, to success through all means possible, the likelihood is increased.”

The value of the result

Therefore, when you face a challenge to your goal and you sense fear or uncertainty, lean on the value of what it means to achieve the goal, what the result means to you and how it will positively impact others. The truth here is not to depend on motivation alone which only lasts for short time—it’s about that deep commitment to make something happen; to leave something better than you found it. Keep your momentum for which you have no other choice, since you have already burned your boats!

Here’s a perfect Plan A for living

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