Easter and Passover

Easter Passover Egg

This year Easter and Passover coincide on the same weekend. Which made us think about the egg.

History tells us ancient festivals celebrating spring often use the egg as a symbol of new life.

The two holidays of Easter and Passover are very different, but they share some of the same symbols such as the egg.

The Passover celebration commemorates the liberation of the Israelites from their enslavement in Egypt. One of the rituals, the Seder plate, includes a hard-boiled egg as one of the six items of Passover foods.

The Easter celebration is about the resurrection of Jesus. Easter eggs represent Jesus’ emergence from the tomb and the resurrection. Stories of the decorating of Easter eggs date back to the 13th century.

Today, the egg continues to be celebrated in non-religious event such as the White House Easter Egg Roll – takes place the Monday after Easter.

We look forward to hearing from our residents – what are your family traditions?

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