Honey: A Millenia of Shelf Life

Honey: A Millenia of Shelf Life

It’s one sweet fact that honey (yes, the kind made by bees), has an absolutely astounding shelf life. Consider this, archeologists have excavated ancient Egyptian tombs only to discover that among artifacts in the tomb were pots of honey. We’re talking thousands of years old and superbly preserved. Talk about shelf life!

Honey can stay preserved in edible form, so you could raid an ancient tomb, take a break from gathering treasures and enjoy dipping some crackers into a jar of thousand year old honey as though it just came off the grocery shelf. But Wait! Honey is quite extraordinary; it also has antibacterial properties that kill certain bacteria. If you have a wound and can’t get medical help quickly, right away, honey can be used to treat it. It can help with burns as well. There have been several studies that show that placing honey on a burn can provide effective treatment.

Centuries of healing

Science has shown honey’s effectiveness in treating ulcers, bed sores, burns, skin sores and inflammation. Three studies conducted at the sport nutrition lab at the University of Memphis found that honey was just as good or better than glucose, or sugar in boosting athletic endurance.

Startling studies

A study of 139 children found that honey did a better job of easing nighttime coughs and improving sleep than popular cough suppressants like Benadryl. Because of digestive system issues, scientists warn that honey should never be given to children under the age of 1.  No remedies should be used without first consulting one’s healthcare provider. Sumerian clay tablets show that they used honed in 30% of prescriptions. These tablets show the earliest recorded used of honey for medicine. The Egyptians used honey medicinally on a regular basis.

Speaking of shelf life!

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