A Busy Spring

A letter from the developer, Temple Companies’ Brian Temple discussing what’s new this spring…


Brian Temple, Letter from the DeveloperWe have been especially busy this spring with lots of new people moving into Summerfields West as well as ordering new homes for the new section.

We have also been performing ground-breaking results in accommodating individual home buyers preferences that are as varied in design as they are useful in function.

One new homeowner liked the front façade and openness of the Evergreen model, but also wanted a lot of the interior and rear spaces of the Wildflower home design. We were able to accommodate her wishes by “marrying” both designs together, and the new home design met all her needs and wishes.

This homebuyers story is a real testament to the far-reaching opportunities available for home customization at Summerfields West. The new section is selling quickly, so don’t wait to come see just how great living at Summerfields West can be!

Warm regards,

Brian Temple
Developer, Summerfields West

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