Manufactured Homes & the Magic of 4 Reasons

Making homeownership affordable for 55+ in New Jersey.

The video highlights the four reasons why a Summerfields West home can seem magical – plus info about the land lease process.

The 4 Reasons

(1) Where dreams come true—no wishing well required.

There are some wonderful dreams in life that you can receive without tossing a coin into a wishing well and hoping. In fact, with the current state of affordable housing, manufactured homes provide a unique source of quality that people can afford. You may not realize it, but a manufactured home delivers an average per-square-foot cost from 10 to 35 percent less than traditionally constructed homes.

With factors based on geographic region, today’s manufactured homes provide buyers with the best value in the housing market. That’s no magic trick, its smart design and top-notch planning by The Temple Companies, builders and managers of Summerfields West, a 55+ community in New Jersey.

(2) At Summerfields West 55+ community the real magic in the efficiency.

The affordability of a manufactured home is based on the efficiencies of the factory-constructed process:

  • Assembly-line techniques remove the problems evident during site construction.
  • Factory employees are managed more effectively than contracted labor on-site.
  • The controlled environment removes the typical outside delays that arise.
  • Poor weather, vandalism and damage to building materials stored on site are eliminated.

(3) Economies of scale

Summerfields West 55+ community’s manufactured homes also offers unique benefits due to economies of scale resulting from large volume buying power — large quantities of building materials and products contribute to lower costs. The Temple Companies home builders are able to negotiate better prices on many construction materials and products. Savings like these are then passed on to home buyers at Summerfields West 55+.

In addition to affordability, these manufactured homes offer the quality, amenities, customization and technologically advanced features that homebuyers appreciate.

  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Beautiful cabinetry
  • Pocket doors
  • Hearth-warming fireplaces
  • State-of-the-art appliances
  • Low/no maintenance

It all makes for designing the particular lifestyle at a price that’s affordable. Summerfields West 55+ in Williamstown, New Jersey’s unique architectural designs for its exteriors make these homes indistinguishable from on-site-built homes, until you compare the price to value ratio; there’s no comparison.

(4) Then there’s the magic of saving energy

With enhanced levels of insulation, as well as more efficient heating and cooling equipment, homeowners at Summerfields West are provided with substantial savings on energy costs. With continued advances in technology, manufactured housing remains a major provider of quality, affordable housing.

Nothing beats a personal visit to Summerfields West 55+ Community, Williamstown, New Jersey. Come see all the quality and options for yourself. You’ll see the magic first-hand.

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