More Than Just a Grill

I stopped in a small local diner for breakfast. Sitting at the counter I had a perfect view of the grill. It became clear to me this wasn’t merely a grill, not at all. I watched the cook filling orders and working that grill like it was a canvas upon which he created meals. I watched him display his talent. As he rolled out as many as seven orders at a time, not missing a beat or wasting a movement with his spatula. He is a painter of meals, a sculptor of appetite-filling solutions, and doing so at high speed. He memorizes multiple orders, each one laid out on his gas-fired canvas, coordinated and timed to finish at the right time so they arrive on my plate hot and beautiful.

Who’s the real hero?

Consider: While enjoying the meal, do we give a thought to the talented cook who has given his talent to us? On a grander scale, we are amazed with wonder over the newest phone, and other technology, while completely overlooking the creators of the technology. That’s where the real wonder is. It’s not the invention, it’s the inventor. We might better appreciate the talent and service of all the people who surround us; the people who make things happen for us, but usually remain behind the scenes unnoticed.


Let us take another look at what we have been blessed with in terms of talent from the hand of heaven and celebrate it and saturate ourselves in serving others with it. Consider, what’s your grill, your canvas, your calling? Don’t neglect it because in truth, you really are the answer to someone else’s needs. Together, let’s celebrate one another’s giftedness as often as we can.

Summerfields West 55+ community is based on talent and commitment.


A vibrant community with well thought-out home designs and options doesn’t just appear. It takes a great deal of talent and planning and commitment. The result is Summerfields West 55+ community. It truly is a place that must be seen and experienced, from the home styles to the interiors, and the community environment itself. Talent is only valuable when it creates something that benefits others. Contact us today to experience how talent makes an entire community shine.

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