Mushrooms may be the new meat

Mushrooms may well be the new meat! So they say!

Mushrooms are rich in umami offering savory taste, making them the near perfect substitute for meat, assuming you want to cut back on eating meat. Shiitake mushrooms for instance, are  Japan’s most popular mushroom, have a strong, earthy smell and are used fresh or dried in cooking When the mushrooms are dried, their guanylate content increases, while the drying process allows concentration and provides glutamate, thus boosting their umami flavor.

Delicious and savory sound good?

Umami is derived from the Japanese word meaning delicious, a savory, broth-like rich or meaty taste sensation. Scientists say that umami offers a high level of glutamate, an amino acid and building block of protein. It’s also a satisfying deep, complete flavor, balancing savory flavors and full-bodied taste with distinctive qualities of aroma. Foods like mushrooms, tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and green tea are all rich in umami. Here’s he goods on Umami:

  • It’s a true enhancement for flavor.
  • Allows you to use less salt.
  • Enhances appetite and gratification.
  • Highlights sweetness and reduces bitterness.

 Umami-rich mushrooms include:




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As unusual as it may seem:

  • Dried mushrooms have more umami than fresh ones do.
  • Cooked mushrooms are more umami-rich than raw.

This means that adding mushrooms in virtually any form—raw, sautéed, whole cap garnish, even a dusting of dried powder—will add an umami infusion to what you eat. By the way, do you know why the mushroom went to the party? Because he’s a fungi! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself).

There’s another way to enjoy the concept of Umami:

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