Never Fear Failure

In most companies and even in daily life, the notion of failure is simply not well received, yet many of the products we enjoy were the result of many failed attempts. Thomas Edison’s thousands of failed filaments for the incandescent light bulb is a case in point. When asked about these many failures is said something like, “ I didn’t fail, I found out which filaments wouldn’t work for my light bulb.” And that is precisely the attitude needed to change the perceptions of failures.

The thought of failing holds back so many people and fences in unknown numbers of new ideas.

55 plus community

  • Failure allows us to determine what doesn’t work.
  • Failure offers a change in perspective.
  • Failure shows you another path to take.
  • Failure is a fantastic teacher.

How many times did you fail when learning to ride a bike without training wheels?

We have all found that failure helped us try again. Of course, we don’t want to fail due to sloppiness or non-commitment. You never know what you can achieve without trying.


Summerfields West 55+ removes the fear of change.

A proven community of 55+ homeowners demonstrate the value of living here. Distinctively designed homes, reasonably priced, and no real estate taxes are just a few benefits you can depend on.

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Situated in the heart of the New Jersey Pinelands. Rustic walking paths and shaded tree-lined streets with beautiful low maintenance and low overhead. Call today to find out what options are available in a lifestyle that will change your life for the better.

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