Paint a room like a pro

Paint a room like a pro and lift your image

It’s one of those things that hovers on the honey-do list. However, when you think about it, paint is the lowest cost way to improve a room’s image. It looks fresher and cleaner with a coat of paint. But there are specific steps to painting a room successfully.

First, have the correct tools at hand.

Many people don’t know this, but one brush or roller does not fit all.
• Going with a 3/8-inch roller sleeve will work fine for most finishes.
• When working with a glossy finish, a 1/4-inch sleeve is the way to go.
• Faced with textured or rough walls, use a thicker, ½ or 3/4-inch roller sleeve.
• Research the right paint for your project.


Preparing the surface

The most important part of painting is also the most overlooked. Preparation is critical. Clean the wall to be painted, most can be washed with a sponge and warm water. Remove dirt, dust, or mildew—don’t paint over it and lose adhesion. Then prime the walls.

Start with trim

You will have to “cut in,” along the ceiling line, windows, doors, molding, outlets and switches all need painting accuracy. Not handy with a brush? Pick up an edger at the hardware store.

Loading the paint tray and roller

Infuse the roller by rolling it along that raised ramp area of the pan. Touch the roller to the paint but don’t drown the sleeve. Do this until saturated. Start painting the walls from the top and down. Overlap strokes by 3 to 5 inches while wet to avoid streaks. But placing too much pressure on the roller will cause running and dripping. Let the walls dry, then second coat. For the best finish use a at least two coats of paint. You now have a nice fresh look in your home.

Painting a better way of life

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