Pets and Well Being

Although research between animals and human health is still a new science a great deal of research is being conducted about the combination of pets and people and their outcomes. The question becomes, can pets support mental health? Anyone who has had a pet, particularly dogs, can attest to the bond that is formed over time, they become a part of the family. The relationship formed with pets brings joy and a sense of comfort and that is more evident in times of difficulty.

Think of the times you’ve walked your dog. Very likely, more often than not, people will stop and ask about your dog, children ask to pet them. It’s amazing how your dog can make someone else feel good, right there along the sidewalk. Friendships have been established in this way. In fact, simply petting a dog can relax the mind.

Amazing Outcomes

What’s more, people with dogs also tend to get more physical activity than non-dog owners, which helps with reducing stress. Pets, in general, can also provide hedge of positivity against stress and depression. Studies have demonstrated that people with severe depression who adopt a pet are far better off than those who do not.

People involved with pets have been shown to decrease levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone) and lower blood pressure. Animals can also minimize being lonely and increase social support, and even improve mood.

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