Practical Productivity Improvements

 We all want to get things done and have more time to do what we want. One way to achieve that is by increasing the way you are productive.

Here’s a thought on achieving greater productivity in any area. It’s the first and the biggest mountain to climb: Digital Gadgets. Yep, it’s that phone of yours. It can become another appendage to your mental state. It really is imperative that you make times to shut the cell phone down, not on mute, but OFF! Most people are unwilling to actually track how much time they use on the phone or using its apps etc. You would be startled.retirement community New Jersey

You only have so much time to use

Most mobile phone users spend 3.5 to 5.4 hours on the phone, and they check their phones some 60 plus times a day. That accounts for tremendously lost productivity. Even while driving, 63 percent check their phones.

Forget techniques

The only way to increase your productivity; personally or at work is not by doing 3-step methods or trying to trick yourself. It may work for a bit but doesn’t last. You must decide to cut back on things that eat up productive time. That’s the only way to achieve control. No gimmicks or pop psychology. You must make the decision.

Summerfields West 55+ Community: you want to talk productivity?

If you have lower overhead, lower maintenance, and an overall better life; you have already increased your ability to be productive. This is what you can experience at Summerfields West 55+ community.

Truly distinctive in design, and affordably priced homes situated on some 50 acres in the heart of the New Jersey Pinelands. Choose from five innovative models comprised of two or three bedrooms, space-enhancing living and dining rooms, and low maintenance exteriors.  Start a new way to enjoy a more productive life.


2000 South Black Horse Pike

Williamstown, NJ 08094   856-629-2011



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