Snow Removal

Dear Valued Residents:

As winter is fast approaching, the Community Office would like to inform our residents of our snow removal procedures. Please understand that every snow or ice event presents a different challenge for our snow removal crews. Our goal is to strive to choose the most effective clean-up method as possible. Please be aware that property’s conditions are constantly changing during the winter months due to wind, sun, rain, etc. It is virtually impossible to guarantee a dry walking or driving conditions of the entrances, sidewalks, and roadways at all times.

Street and road plowing

-If a storm is less than 4 inches or it is an ice storm, the roads will typically be handled with salt applications. A larger storm (4 inches +) will require plowing every 6-8 inches to keep up with it. If we are getting a smaller storm (4-6 inches) plowing will be done when the snow stops. The plow truck(s) first responsibility is to clear all the roads to provide the residents a clear drive to the exits. It is not the responsibility of the snow removal crew to shovel driveways, driveways entrances or to dig resident’s vehicles out.

Sidewalks, walkways, entrances, and steps shoveling of Common Areas

-The walkways and entrances of individual homes is the responsibility of the resident. Community Management does not provide the service. For smaller storms 1-6 inches, shoveling and ice control of common areas will not begin until the snow stops. If the storm ends at night, the cleanup will typically take place beginning 5-6 am the next morning. A larger storm may require shoveling every 6-8 inches to keep up with it. Please note that it is not practical or safe to shovel every couple inches throughout a storm. It becomes a very dangerous situation when the pavements are shoveled, and then additional snow continues to fall. It creates a sheet of ice underneath the snow, which is far more hazardous than walking through 5 inches of snow. Please use caution in community common areas until maintenance has been completed for safety.

Ice prevention

-Some storms will require a pre-salt. This application is typically done when the anticipated snow totals are less than 4-5 inches. They will usually not pre-salt storms with 5 or more anticipated inches because its just a waste of materials. All storms may require a post salting and calcium treatment on the roads and sidewalks and potential “spot treatments” in the days following. The maintenance staff will be checking the property every few hours for icy areas and treat as necessary. We encourage residents to inform staff or snow removal crews of any hazardous areas.

We would like to respectfully ask our residents to maintain patience during the clean-up process that can sometimes last several days. Snow storms, especially if severe, can be very stressful for everyone affected. Our snow removal contractors and our employees are experienced in snow removal and are trusted to determine how to handle the clean-up of the storm. There are several factors that determine how and when to attack a storm, and we must put our trust in them to make that determination. Our main goal will always be to clear the property in a safe and timely manner, and resident cooperation and patience is extremely important to the process.




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