The Motivation Myth

What is the Motivation Myth???

You’ve likely heard an awful lot about motivation in your life whether it’s related to business or personal life. Well it’s about time someone takes a stand and says it out loud: Motivation is a Myth! There!!! Now to clarify. I’m not saying that motivation isn’t important or has no value, it does. It’s just that it tends to get misapplied so often. The good thing about motivation is that it sets you on alert; you want to do or achieve something and you are feeling that you want to get going. That’s great. The problem with motivation is that it’s actually intended to be temporary. On its own, motivation may last a few days even weeks, but it will fade.

The Secret Sauce

Let’s say you are motivated to lose weight or improve your golf game or increase your workouts. Truthfully, what typically happens to that motivation? For most it remains an interior idea, a notion, and nothing really happens.

Commitment is when you truly connect and go forward, take action and stay the course regardless of setbacks, obstacles and hindrances. When a person is committed he gets it done. The best formula is Motivation + Commitment = Results! That’s what locks it in.

Summerfields West 55+ Community, a result of commitment

The Temple Companies, a trusted, award-winning developer of quality home communities since 1955, has devoted its expertise to developing and managing the Summerfields West 55+ community.

It’s been a long-time motivation fueled by commitment to provide distinctive, beautiful, low maintenance, affordable homes at Summerfields West 55+ in Williamstown, New Jersey.


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