The Stone Museum

Right in your own backyard in Monroe Township, New Jersey, Summerfields West residents will find a hidden treasure: The Stone Museum.

Stone MuseumAs the name suggests, The Stone Museum is a museum of minerals and fossils with a host of indoor and outdoor displays that are “hands on”, enabling visitors of all ages to actually touch specimens from 80 countries.

The Fluorescent Room
One of the museum’s most popular exhibits is the Fluorescent Room, where visitors witness a display of hundreds of rocks, most from the Garden State.

The Stone Museum has recently acquired a dinosaur egg from China as well as a leg bone from one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs—the African Spinosaurus.

This museum is more than just a user-friendly geology and natural history museum. They are also a showcase of “practical masonry,” with hundreds of full-size displays of all types of stone products used in building construction and landscape design set in a continuous wall around their own man-made lake (there’s no guess work when you can see finished walls and walkways in “the outdoor showroom”). The museum also depicts the tools and techniques used in past and present stonework.

It’s fun, it’s free. Check the website for dates and times open.

Like a Rock

Residents of Summerfields West feel they have a rock-solid investment both financially and in lifestyle and amenities.

You have the Stone Museum and so much more right in your own backyard at Summerfields West 55+ in Monroe, Township, New Jersey.


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