The way we used to be

Nostalgia has never been nor will ever be,  a business strategy or a life strategy. Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford proved that in their 1973 movie, The Way We Were. What we did “then” and how we did it doesn’t work in the now. Business have done this as well, look at General Motors reluctance to change.


Longing for the old days is nice for reminiscing by the fireplace, sipping a glass of merlot, but as a strategy it will hinder a future. Doing the same thing we always did is comfortable.  Meanwhile opportunities pass us by.


55 plus community

We like to Crazy Glue ourselves to what we’ve seen work. But as everything in every category around us changes we find ourselves rowing a boat when everyone else is using motors. We find something that works, and we stick to it, thinking it will work forever. And then the economy or something else changes and the old paradigm isn’t effective. Although many of the problems are essentially the same, the tools to resolve them are not. Heraclitus wisely argued, it is impossible to step into the same river twice.


Sometimes the only solution to nostalgia is abandonment. However, memories can attempt to use nostalgia to blind you to what isn’t working in your own life. Memories are fine but only if they don’t leave you behind.


Summerfields West 55+  Never Looks Back!


Our manufactured home designs were far ahead of the times and prove to be a better way. The  goals were to look forward to what homeowners wanted in simpler living but keeping distinction and value. There are some things worth leaving behind like costly high maintenance homeownership. Schedule to meet with us today, while it’s on your mind.


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