Walking is great but, don’t confuse it with cardio.

A great deal is conveyed about walking because it’s useful for supportive health. As helpful as walking is, it’s about intensity levels of exercise and corresponding benefits. Walking is a very “easy” form of cardio. Jogging moves that up a few notches.

To get the benefit, you have to start.


It comes down to the “burn.”

Running obviously will burn more calories than walking. The consensus is you burn up around 100 calories per mile, interestingly, whether that’s running or walking.

But there is a difference.

Now you’re talking about burning calories per hour. Walking is the easiest way to exercise. But it’s not merely a physical benefit, it brings mental health benefits as well.  And helps you burn off calories, move heart rate up, and forms a healthy daily routine.

Start thinking about the beat of good health.


The all-important plan.

Planning your workouts requires thinking about intensity. Measure your heart rate if you aren’t sure. Too often people jump into walking or running or other exercise forms without any plan or clear goal. This can become a hindrance to your success.

  • What equipment, if any do you need?
  • What is the intensity level you will start with?
  • How will you measure your heart rate?
  • Who can you partner with in daily walking?

There are many wrist devices that record your readings. Research the options to make the best selection for you. If it’s important to you, then you’ll make it happen.

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