What do you think. (About you?)

Generally speaking, many people do not think too highly of themselves; they typically think too low of themselves. You are not a commodity, you are unique. That truth applies even with products.

  • Chicken is chicken, right? Not if you ask Jim Perdue.
  • Coffee is coffee, right? Not if you ask Starbucks.
  • Soda is soda, right? Not if you ask Coke.
  • Watches are watches, right? Not if you ask Rolex.


As I ate my morning cereal, I saw a disclaimer on the box. “Contents may settle in shipping.”  Open a box of cereal and the contents are never sitting at the top, because it settles in shipping. We can let that settling thing happen to us over time. The key to remaining at the top is putting all our uniqueness into every situation we encounter. You are the only you that has ever existed.

retirement community near the beach in New Jersey

Who would want their legacy to read:

John was as good as anyone else at his work. No thanks!

Janet was as good as anyone else at what she did. I don’t think so.


Who would find claims of that kind to be affirming?  To be “as good as” means to be average, mediocre, ordinary, unremarkable, or routine.

This fact is unfathomable, your life is calling out to you, saying, “Hey, don’t waste me in the ordinary!” To clarify: being extraordinary does not mean you run around wearing a cape leaping over tall buildings. It means you refuse to live below your level of giftedness.


Summerfields West 55+: uniqueness in three dimension.

Isn’t one of the most important decisions in life about how and where we want to live and how to do so gracefully. Isn’t it about matching your uniqueness to a like-minded place? Don’t settle for “as good as.”

That is what Summerfields West 55 Plus offers. Call us, visit and learn more.

2018 Salem Lane     Williamstown, New Jersey 08094        856-629-2011


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