What’s in a Name?

Turns out we love nicknames. They are casual and easy to remember. It’s as though we find it too taxing to call Nicholas, Nicholas. Nick or Nicky is smoother and faster to pass through the lips. In ancient times name were much more important than they are today, and the name usually meant something.
We come up with nicknames for people not just to shorten the name but to represent them. Our football team had a linebacker called “Stump.” He was unmovable on the line.

Nicknames are everywhere and all over people.

• Charles: Chuck.
• Joann: Joe.
• Allison: Ali.
• Robert: Bob.
• Richard: Dick.
• Michael: Mike.
• Jennifer: Jenn
• Emily: Emmy.
• William: Will.
• Rose: Ro.
• Louis. Lou.

Nicknames are more prevalent in the sports world,

• Michael Jordan: Air Jordon.
• Earvin Johnson: Magic.
• Joe Frazier. Smokin Joe.
• Florence Griffith-Joyner. Flo Jo.
• Dale Ernhardt, Sr. The Intimidator.

So, it seems to me that the most likely reason we nickname people is a way of showing appreciation and/or love. Of course, some nicknames seem outlandish. Elon Musk named his son, X Æ A-12 Musk. No one is quite sure how to pronounce it.

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