Trying to locate old friends?

When 55+ Enters a New Dimension.

It may not always be true, but as we age, we often begin to wonder about old friends that we haven’t seen or heard from in a long time. Life gets very busy and times goes by quicker than we tend to pay attention to it. Well, with the advent of technology today, locating those individuals makes the search much easier and effective. Whether it’s an old classmate, neighbor or people you worked with, it’s possible to find them online.

By using internet search tools, you can locate a lost friend and perhaps renew a connection and enjoy that relationship once again, even at a distance through programs like Skype and others. Places to begin are Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, DuckDuckgo and others as well as websites like Truthfinder.

Get organized

You will need to organize your search, either in a file on your computer or if you are more comfortable, use sheets of paper and separate folders to stay organized. Each file folder would be marked by information segments.

Use a general file just to get things in some kind of basic order that outlines what you do know and build on that. Create a list of all the details you can recall about a person. You should start with basics like full name, age or birth date, last known address and contact school alumni associations and try to gain details. If you know where they worked, try that as well. There are online directories, white pages for just about every state and locale in the country.

Be as methodical as you can

Look into research records at the library, search government records; you get the idea. In most cases this will require time and patience, but if you find that certain person or persons, you will enjoy rekindling a wonderful friendship. Focus on being as methodical and disciplined as possible. You’ll find that one good clue will lead to another and things will get more exciting and you’ll increase in confidence at sleuthing.

Obviously, you could contact family members or old friends you are in contact with and see where that leads. It will certainly be an adventure, who knows, you may discover that your second career might be a Private Eye. You might also recruit your neighbors and family members who have shown some skill at research and it will add some fun to the process.

What if you find them?

If the fates allow, and you do locate and old friend, take a little time to strategize on a few thoughts. First and foremost, the friend may not be in the mental or physical condition to respond positively so that requires a strong fortitude. People go through difficulties and that can change an attitude. Think about why/how you lost touch. Do mention some of the great times you had together and keep things light to start. One good idea is to allow your friend to take the lead and discover what the situation is so you can respond politely and positively. It’s certainly worth the time investment to regroup.

You’ll never wonder where an opportunity has gone

As a homeowner in Summerfields West 55+ Community you’ll never wonder about where the most amazing opportunity for home ownership
went. It’s the community where you’re invited to live a life that you design. The homes here will help you create a whole new book of memories with new friends and neighbors.

When your old friends do come to visit be prepared, they may be envious! But, hey, you can show them around and maybe they will decide to become your neighbor. Summerfields West 55+ does have that kind of “magic.” Enjoy comfortable, carefree living that only a community we developed can offer.

By the way, if you’re not in one of these photos, you can be. Don’t wind up wondering where the opportunity went. Arrange to visit us today.

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