You really can be more personally productive.

It’s true that people want to be productive. But the pandemic has diminished personal productivity. Pointing fingers at circumstances doesn’t help. Productivity however, is a mindset. Self-talk carries positive features and fosters productivity.

Where’s your goal line?

Every sport starts every game with a goal is firmly engrained in their minds. It’s hard to be productive without a goal to draw energy into action. Often, having a massive goal can become daunting. Therefore, use a practical strategy. Instead of saying, I’m going to build a large garden pergola, you might start by saying, I’m going to prepare a base for my pergola. Then goal-set the next step and so on.

This helps you to be more productive. Breaking major goals into smaller steps, increases productivity. Large goals can be overwhelming. Apply these factors to help.

Measured Increase

This is a way to build a productive mindset, for example: You decide to start walking. The first day out you walk slowly and only go, let’s say, a quarter mile. Once you stop, look for a unique house or tree—something to use as a landmark.

You walk to the same landmark until you it’s comfortable. Then walk past that landmark far enough to make a gain in your distance. Walk daily to that new landmark and keep extending. You are building production capabilities now.

Time Expectation

Once you are comfortable walking (or other activity), start a timed outcome. If you are at 30 minutes, change the expectation to walk in 25 minutes. Small bite-sized increases add to your productivity. All this can be used in any endeavor.

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