Fun Things to Do

Fun Things to Still Do This Summer

This summer may look a little different than past summers. Your summer activities may not be the traditional summer activities you have done in the past, but there are still plenty of fun things to do in and around your home! Check out our list of ideas and plan some fun!

1.   Make your own ice cream

2.   Run through a sprinkler with your grandchildren

3.    Or challenge them to a watermelon seed spitting contest

4.   Make s’mores

5.   Go stargazing

6.   Nap in a hammock

7.   Sip a rosé (or frosé)

8.   Eat popsicles and ice cream cones

9.   Have a barbecue

10.Try your hand at painting – there are lots of tutorials on YouTube

11.Seek out a drive-in movie (or make your own)

12.  Look for fireflies

13.  Grow a little garden on your deck or windowsill

14.  Finish the perfect summer read

15.  Go for a hike

16.  Picnic in your backyard—or your living room

17.  Visit an outdoor farmer’s market

18.  Master something new—a new dance step, a new hobby, or a new cooking technique

19.  Create a virtual book club

20.  Watch the sun set

21.  Make homemade lemonade

22.  Kayak, canoe, or paddle board

23.  Give yourself a fun pedicure (rainbow toes, anyone?)

24.  Go for a scenic drive

25.  Make your own pesto

26.  Go to the beach—six feet away from other beach goers

27.  Go fishing

28.  Bake a fresh blueberry or cherry pie

29.  Drink a fruity cocktail with an umbrella in it

30.  Look for a rainbow during a downpour

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