Keeping it Safe at Summerfields West

Home safety tips for better living

Homeowners at Summerfields West enjoy a comfortable, carefree way of living that’s conducive to life at 55+. We provide Summerfields West homeowners with the ultimate in overall satisfaction, customer service and community management.  This culminates in the long-term lifestyle benefits and value our homeowners have come to expect–innovative designs, life-enhancing floor plans and preferred customization opportunities.  But even if you are in good shape, things can easily go wrong in your home if you’re not careful. With that in mind here are a few ideas to help you be safety conscious.

 Some safety home care tips:

Broken Hip Alerts

The biggest culprit for having a homeowner end up with a broken hip is placing an area rug on top of another rug. People are likely to have their foot slide under one rug and over another. This causes the area rug to bunch up causing the person to fall and injure themselves. Be sure not to layer rugs for your safety and that of people visiting you.

Caution on slippery floors

Most of the injuries that people over 55 encounter can often be prevented with precautions taken. A key area is the bathroom. Many have broken bones as a result of sliding on the bathroom floor or tub and falling. The first precaution here is to ensure that the floor is not slippery. This can be done by resurfacing the floor or putting a hard corner to corner mat upon which you cannot slide. It is also wise to put grab bars just at the entrance of the bathroom and also on the walls slightly above the waist height.

Importance of Lighting

Lighting is another key point to consider. The whole house must have ample light to make any necessary movement easier to navigate, especially for those with poor eyesight. Lights in the bathroom should be as bright as possible. Along with bright lights, be sure that night lights are plugged in so that you can see well in order to turn the bathroom light on.

Bathroom Basics

Another place that can pose safety problems is the toilet, so look into placing a toilet that is suitable for your age. You can also install hand rails at waist height for more stable support.

Shower Ideas

These days, walk-in tubs are quite affordable and they add ease of getting in and out of the shower. Many are equipped with seats and a handheld shower nozzle so you can sit down and shower. Safety bars are also provided so there’s something sturdy to hang onto while maneuvering in the shower.


Summerfields West is a planned community for better living

If safety precautions are well taken care, you should have little to no problems in your home. And when it comes to manufactured home designs– we five innovative models comprised of two or three bedrooms, space-enhancing living and dining rooms, and low maintenance exteriors, Summerfields West is your new direction for 55+ lifestyles. These exceptional residences are close to the exciting nightlife of Atlantic City’s casinos and to Philadelphia’s fine restaurants, museums and sporting events. Along with all that the area has to offer, the unmatched home values and comfortable lifestyle at Summerfields West make way living in an attractive environment simply irresistible.

We’re here: Where are you?

Our sales staff is proud to present the beauty and value of our community, and they never pressure anyone…not ever. Our manufactured home designs speak for themselves–there’s no need for any “pressure tactics.” Our staff functions more like tour guides who will help you consider all the many options. You will learn more about real estate values here and in the area as well. The unmatched home values and comfortable lifestyle at Summerfields West make 55+ living easy in an attractive environment.

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