Feng Shui for Distinctive Homes

Feng Shui basics for a your home’s main entry

Your distinctively designed and built home at Summerfields West is the perfect place to improve the use of positive energy. The entire community offers a positive and enjoyable experience so why not experiment with allowing more energy to flow into your home as well. The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, (pronounced fung shway), deals with arranging spaces and places in the home to open the flow of positive energy. It all begins at the front door.

The main entry to a home is very important in Feng Shui

It’s through the main door that the house absorbs and flows Feng Shui’s energy, called Chi. While a strong front door will be able to attract strong energy, it is up to using good Feng Shui design to be able to guide that energy further into the home. When a house has good energy circulating throughout, the people who live in the house experience higher levels of well being. Add that to the already outstanding Summerfields West environment and you are well on your way.
If the energy in your main entry is blocked, the house will not have enough energy, so to speak, to help support the quality of your own personal levels of energy, so the next step is to be sure you have good Feng Shui in your main entry. Basically, this means having a main entry that is able to welcome and direct the flow of energy into the house versus pushing the energy away or weakening it.

Feng Shui at the front door

Keep in mind in that living at Summerfields West already gives you a head start in attracting positive energy. The home designs, the layout of the rooms and the surrounding landscapes are all conducive to positive feelings. So you can build on that with a few front door Feng Shui tips.
Watch for blocked areas in the entry, meaning areas where the energy is drained. When you look at your entry keep in mind the image of water flowing into your space and ask, “Would water find many blockages as it enters my home?” Adding strength to your front door is as simple as ensuring a clear path to the door, and inside the door, or repainting it a more auspicious color. As a general goal, your front door should be as inviting, welcoming, and attractive as possible.
Ensure an unobstructed, open flow of energy to the front door–no recycling bins, cracked old pots with dead plants, or any other items blocking the flow of energy to your front door. Any objects that make it hard for you or for visitors to get to the front door also hinder the flow of energy to the door. Keep the area clean, fresh, and flowing; this is always the best Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Door Colors

If your front door is facing east, your best choices of color are:
• Green
• Brown
• Or wood tones
If neither of these two colors works with the exterior of your house, you have additional options. These are the colors of the water element:
• Black
• Blue
• Purple
The color choices for a southeast facing front door are similar to an east-facing door because they share the same Feng Shui element of wood and its harmonious colors:
• Green
• Brown
• Wood Tones
The elements of water and earth also bring good energy to this area. Therefore, other auspicious colors for southeast-facing doors are:
• Blue
• Black
• Very Light Yellow
• Earthy, Sandy Colors

Have some fun with these ideas, and let good energy into your home and be disciplined and consistent with your efforts of creating better Feng Shui energy in your main entry.
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