Your Back Needs Backup

Back pain is as old as the mythical Greek Gods of Olympus. We do more sitting than ever with the advent of computers, sitting at a desk working. Most experts tell us that our backs hurt from bad sitting posture. Back pain shows up in many ways. The most obvious is that it limits your ability to move which is uncomfortable to say the least. The routine things you do suddenly become extremely difficult.

Healthcare professionals say that if we experience back pain for over a week, seeing a doctor or physical therapist is in order. It’s obvious but also overlooked that spending a lot of time trying to manage pain on your own doesn’t help. The fact is that the earlier you seek treatment, the better the odds of making an effective recovery.

Likely the most challenging factor to back pain is sitting all day. Hours go by and people don’t ever get up routinely. Sitting in one position for long periods makes muscles contract which pulls on the connected nerves. This is also affected by slouching in your seat which is typically not something we notice. When your head slouches down, you’re holding up about 10 pounds of weight and that places force on your spine.

One simple and excellent way to combat this is to get out of your chair at the least, once every hour and walk around and stretch. Three other easy ways to help:

  • Exercise
  • Stop lifting heavy items
  • Bend with your legs not your back

It’s up to you to back up your back. Of course, you should consult with your healthcare professional before taking things into your own hands.

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